Shakeology & Planning

When the baby sleeps for almost 11 hours and is up at 5:00 AM with no intention of going back to sleep, you grab your Shakeology and life plan! This is my first Panda Planner and I’m so excited! Just filled in the monthly and weekly pages.

My major project this week is to complete my PASC application. If I get accepted I will join the April cohort through the Madera County Office of Education and have my administrative Credential in a year!

My monthly focus is to simplify and my habit is to exercise daily. (I love that there are daily habit check boxes so I can mark it off each day I workout!)

Monthly goals include:
✔️putting $1000 into our savings
✔️completing the Core de Force program
✔️utilizing my tumblr more (see posts from the last two days, haha)

Happy New Year and Happy Monday!tumblr_oj5ozhjSee1rzdluco1_1280.jpg


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