January Jump Start

It’s been said that with the New Year 🎉comes a blank slate. Why not use your blank slate to become a healthier version of you? 🥗💪🏼Are you looking for a jump start but not sure where to start? 🤔Talk to me! 🤚🏼I’ll be starting a challenge group for those that are interested in using Team BeachBody to jump start their new year! The group will officially kick off on January 16th but we will begin all of our prepping next week. Here’s what you need to be willing to commit to in order to join the group:
✔️Follow any TBB program for the duration of the group ✔️ Check in daily with the group ✔️Focus on you and your health ✔️Not be in another coach’s challenge group. That’s it! Seems pretty easy right? 😺Let’s jump to it! Leave your email in the comments so I can add you to the group! #teambeachbodycoach #januaryjumpstart #itsallaboutyoutumblr_oj7vqudti31rzdluco1_500


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