Sunday Meal Prep


I’ve spent the last three weeks using my Sunday to meal prep for each week. Prior to this I would plan my meals for the week but cook throughout the week.I prided myself on having the week planned out and treasured our Sunday morning grocery shopping trips. Until recently,  I hadn’t realized the value and time of meal prepping.

With Emery becoming more and more active, and our schedules getting busier (welcome to Spring semester!) I needed to find a way to save time throughout the week – especially at night. I’ve read about meal prepping. I’ve pinned recipes and blogs about meal prepping. And yet, I’ve never meal prepped. Until now.

I’m not one to reinvent the wheel – especially when it comes to cooking. If it’s tried and true (and tasty) it’s a keeper! In another world, I would love to invent my own recipes and spend hours in the kitchen. In my current world that isn’t a possibility so cook books, Pinterest and family recipes it is. I’m using this same strategy with my venture into Sunday meal prepping. I use the Team BeachBody website and Pinterest to find meal plans and prepping that I can do in a couple of hours. This week I tackled the 90 minute meal prep off the TBB blog:

The end result was a fridge full of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options for the week. Just grab and go!


What I really liked about this week’s meal prep was the step by step directions that help you tackle it all. My biggest hold up with meal prepping before was the idea that it seemed time consuming, tedious and a bit overwhelming. Seriously, all meals for a week? Cooked at once? Is that even possible?

Not only is it possible, it is totally worth it! 90 minutes in the kitchen today will save me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each night this week. That’s time to spend with Jared and Emery, or a workout, or a TV show, or extra sleep! I’m excited to continue my meal prep Sundays and trying new recipes. What are some of your go to meal prep recipes?


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