What goes first?

“You always have time for the things you put first.”

But what do you put first? And, more importantly, how often do you put YOU first? I can say that for a long time I was very much towards the bottom of my list of things. My husband, our house, my work, my students, and now my baby are usually prioritized about my own self. Does my list change constantly? You betcha! Last year, I would leave myself towards the bottom of the list and focus on those around me.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I had to put myself higher on my list in order to better serve those around me. As I finish up Core de Force (I’m on day 26) I have made my health a priority in my life and, because of this decision, I always have time to get my workout in.


To most people reading this post, the picture above just looks like a bedroom. And, most days, that’s exactly what it is. But for a small amount of time each day, it is my solitude. It is where I go to focus on me; to focus on my health and my well-being. I push play and for that time I only focus on me.

My results in a few days will not be a dramatic weight loss but it will be so much more in so many ways.

As I was working through the rounds of MMA Speed last night, I felt the difference from day 1 to now. I remember thinking ho hard the 6 rounds were on day one and questioning if this would even work. Tonight, I’m left wanting more. 6 rounds were nothing and I could see and feel my muscles working differently than they had the first night.

In the course of this program, I’ve fit back into pre-pregnancy pants! I’m talking multiple pairs of pants! Pants that I couldn’t button last month! I’ve had more focus throughout the day, both at work and in my home life. Because of my gained focus, I am getting better at planning and executing my day. Things on my daily to-do list are getting crossed off! I have energy and don’t feel stressed like I typically do at this time of the school year.  img_4261

While I know I am not done with focusing on my health when CDF ends in a few days, I now have the tools to maintain a healthy life and focus on the habits that allow me to better myself and those that depend on me. As a society, we so often put ourselves at the bottom of our lists. Move yourself up and see the benefits it has on all aspects of your life.


2 thoughts on “What goes first?

  1. Jessica says:

    You are blessed to have realized that it is easier to fill others cups when yours is overflowing. It’s hard to put yourself first sometimes bit it needs to get done. Loved reading this in church this morning.


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