Doing it All

Lately I’ve heard several comments like “How do you do it all?” or “I don’t know how you do it.” While I’m flattered by these comments and the thought of appearing to have it all together the truth of the matter is that my life is messy and I’m running a million miles a minute chasing one deadline after another. I have successes and failures just like everyone else. I’m dedicating this post to sharing the messy side of my life and how it fits into me “doing it all.” 
 Let’s started with meal prepping on Sunday. The finished picture of the containers nicely stacked in the refrigerator is deceiving. Especially when the rest of my kitchen looks like the above pictures. During my meal prep I use an absurd amount of dishes, leave spilled ingredients on every inch of my countertops, and can scrap enough food up off the floor to have lunch. 😂 It’s messy but it’s my messy. And, once my meals are nicely organized in the refrigerator and I’ve taken my picture for social media, I clean up my mess. Because, with an 8 month old crawling you can’t leave food on the ground, lol. 

My work/life balance is just as messy as my meal prep is sometimes. This week has been the perfect example. With Jared being gone at the beginning of the week and me having too much on my plate, I’ve definitely embodied the “chicken with its head cut off” motto. 

This morning as I was working on a PowerPoint for my Intro to Horticulture classes to take notes on today I get a call from Jared that the baby threw up at day care. I hadn’t even typed up my study guide for fifth period and my whiteboard still had all the same writing from yesterday. After scrambling to finish student worksheets and typing out my sub plans I was on the road to go pick up Emery to take her to the doctor’s office. 

On my way to get her I realize that Jared has the diaper bag. Talk about poor planning. Seriously? One diaper bag that we share? I had to detour to pick up said diaper bag and ended up 15 minutes late to our appointment. 
I spent my time at home setting up his and hers diaper bags to avoid any apocalyptic disasters for one of us. I had piles everywhere and was in between doing this, getting a loud of dirty baby clothes started, and getting a sick baby to nap. 
Some days I do have it all together but most of the time I’m just good at making to-do lists to help me keep it together. I use my panda planner daily, write goals, highlight important things, set reminders in my phone, and talk to myself…a lot. My point being, doing it all doesn’t have to be clean and neat and tidy. It’s messy and disorganized and chaotic. But, most importantly, it’s whatever works for you. 


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